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An integral part of an effective and sanitary septic tank system is the effluent filter. Effluent filters keep septic tank drainage fields clear of waste-related solids by filtering out particles that are larger than 1/8 of an inch.

Although some building codes require the use of effluent filters, older septic tank systems use outdated filter systems, or worse, they use no filters at all. To ensure your septic system is operating smoothly and is properly filtering your waste water, contact C. M. Kristman, Inc. for an on-site inspection. Our top-notch septic system and effluent filter specialists will examine your septic system and provide you with professional guidance.

C. M. Kristman, Inc. has been installing passive effluent filters on all new installations since the late 1990’s. C. M. Kristman, Inc. also specializes in retrofitting existing septic systems with passive effluent filters. These filters help prolong the life of your septic system by filtering solid materials and debris while allowing effluent to pass through.

Because effluent filters are designed to capture solids in your septic system, they absolutely require periodic maintenance. Maintenance intervals are based on filtering equipment and septic system usage, but neglected filters can lead to clogs and backups of wastewater.


  • The cost for cleaning and replacing an effluent filter is $150.

  • The cost for installing an effluent filter on an existing system can range from $275 to $850.

Call us at (610) 347-0688 for a free evaluation of your septic system to determine the costs involved for installing an effluent filter.

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