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C. M. Kristman, Inc. has been Chester County’s most trusted provider of septic system installation and septic system repair services since 1979. Our septic system specialists will work with you to design and install the optimal septic system for your home or business.

Assisting our customers with everything from acquiring septic system installation permits, to percolation testing and excavating, C. M. Kristman, Inc. is your single-source solution provider for all of your septic system needs. C. M. Kristman, Inc. is experienced in installing all types of septic systems, including:

  • Standard in-ground gravity systems

  • Pressure dosed systems

  • Drip irrigation systems

  • Stream discharge systems

  • Aerobic systems

  • Elevated sand mound systems

  • Infiltrator systems

  • Subsurface sand systems

  • At-Grade mounds

  • ECOFLO filter

  • Holding tanks

  • Grease traps


Septic system malfunctions, real estate transactions with failed certifications, installations of pools or hardscaping, and home additions are just some of the reasons why new septic systems should be installed. Contact C. M. Kristman, Inc. to assist you with designing and installing your new septic system.

We realize that new septic system design and installation can be a daunting process for the home or business owner. To put your mind at ease, we explain our process below.

  1. Landowners are typically required to obtain a permit in order to install a new system. Initially, the landowner must complete an application form and submit it to their appropriate governing board with applicable fees.

  2. A C. M. Kristman, Inc. representative will meet with you at your property to perform a site evaluation and determine the best possible location for a new system. At this time, our expert consultants will work you to address all questions concerns regarding the installation of a new system.

  3. C. M. Kristman, Inc. will schedule a soil evaluation with the sewage enforcement officer from your Township. A soil evaluation involves excavating two test pits to a depth of 7’ deep, approximately 50’ apart in the area of the proposed system.

  4. The sewage enforcement officer will conduct a soil evaluation of each test pit to determine if the soil is acceptable for an on-site septic system.

  5. If the soil is acceptable, C. M. Kristman, Inc. will perform a percolation (perc) test to determine how well the soil absorbs water. In some cases the initial perc test may fail, and additional testing may be required.

  6. Once the perc test passes, C. M. Kristman, Inc. will design the new system and submit it to the County/Township for permit issuance. At this time, we will provide competitive pricing for your new system.

Note: We submit all designs directly to the Chester County Health Department for permit issuance. At that time the Application Review fees will be due to the Health Department. An approved Septic Permit will be issued within five days. At that time, an estimate will be provided to the property owner for the new on-site septic system.

Septic System Pricing (approximate):

  • Gravity System (trench or bed) - $12,000+

  • Lift Pump system (trench or bed) - $16,000+

  • Single Pressure-Dosed (trench or bed) - $23,000+

  • Elevated Sand Mound - $32,000+

  • Drip Irrigation Systems - $33,000+


C. M. Kristman, Inc. also offers superior septic system maintenance and repair services, including:

Contact C. M. Kristman, Inc. at (610) 347-0688 to schedule a free, no obligation site inspection and personalized consultation.

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